Digitrax PR3 troubleshooting


The other night I was trying to do some programming on DM&IR 413 and had the darndest time trying to get my PR3 to work and thought I’d post my solution incase it might help someone else.

The problem I was having was JMRI crashing when starting up if the PR3 was plugged in* and Model Railroad Automation (http://www.perecli.com/rrauto/) was giving errors about being unable to communicate with the Loconet. After wasting to much time troubleshooting I eventually got it resolved. I un-installed the device from the Device Manager to remove the driver from the driver cache. Then I plugged the device back in and re-initiated the driver install process. This was on a Windows 7 64-bit machine so if you see something similar this may help you.

In my opinion JMRI is kind of a pain to use, I like Model Railroad Automation but it doesn’t really do decoder profiles or any of the CV calculators or tools. As a replacement I’m working on my own app for this, I’m in the exploritory phase but if it goes well I’ll be sure to post updates to the blog.

*Really JMRI? You can’t just put up an error message if the PR3 isn’t working? It’s annoying enough that I have to open restart the app to change COM ports but you can’t do the simplest error handling?

2 thoughts on “Digitrax PR3 troubleshooting

  1. The reason decoder profiles where left out of the RRA app was because others have used the free RRA Loconet library to do this, so there was no need to duplicate this functionality in RRA which was mainly designed for command and control. At the bottom of http://www.perecli.com/rrauto there is a section named “Other Projects”. There you will find just such programs. But anyone is free to use the library to write their own decoder profiles UI if they deem the existing offerings are lacking.

  2. Indeed, I have been on again and off again working on my own app based on the library, just not enough time in the day and enough drive to make anything of it.

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