Bachrus Speedometer & JMRI tip


As I mentioned in a previous post I had picked up a Digitrax PR3 and Bachrus Speedometer ( for some speedmatching and I got the version thats hooks up to a PC and DecoderPro. I downloaded the latest version of JMRI, or so I thought, and found it odd that it didn’t match what the JMRI notes for it look like ( It turns out that I had downloaded the latest stable version (2.10) but the latest development version (2.11.4) has numerous improvements specifically for the Speedometer.

Mean while I got speed tables built for my DM&IR 210 and 413 but somehow they are way off in terms of scale. By that I mean if I modify the forward and reverse trims on each I can get them lined up so I’ll have to figure out what happened there.


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