Odd DCC problem


I’ve got a question for my readers about an issue I’m seeing in one of my locomotive decoders. As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts I’ve been trying, unfruitfully, to speed match my locomotives. I’ve got a problem with my DM&IR 413 (Athearn SD45T-2, though the Missabe called them SD40-3) which has a Digitrax DH163 plugged into the standard Athearn circuit board (it was a DCC Ready  model).

The problem I have is no matter what I use as a starting voltage it won’t start at Speed Step 5 in 28 step mode (15 in 128 mode). I’ve tried both simple curve and speed table and 100 as the starting value. It won’t budge until it hits 5 and then takes off like a crazy.

If anyone has seen that or knows how to fix please leave a comment!


I recieved an email from Digitrax Tech Support and they believe it is a defective or messed up decoder, unfortunately I purchased it more than a year ago so it doesn’t qualify for the 1 year no hassle warranty.


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