Speed Matching success (sort of)


I had a little bit of success yesterday matching my DM&IR 210 and 413, I first discovered that one of the BEMF options in digitrax decoders is turned off in consist mode and it had a pretty significant effect on the speed table of the athearn drive train. It didn’t seem to affect the Kato SD38-2 as much but that has a different model of the decoder so I’m not sure if it’s the better kato drive train or the different decoder.

Basically the Athearn was running at half the normal speed when I set a consist address, I fixed the Athearn but have yet to verify the kato is still correct to my speed table (it’s close). My Bachman SD45 (Hustle Muscle) has been a bit of a chore to match though, it doesn’t want to run very smoothly at low speeds without BEMF turned on (which of course I can’t have on as it won’t work in consist mode.


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