EMDX 9003


As I mentioned in an earlier post I managed to snag a used Proto 2000 SD60 in EMD Demonstrator/Oakway paint scheme (pretty good deal too).


When I started disassembling it to prepare for the decoder right away I noticed that the front coupler box was glued to the shell (whoops). I managed to pry it free and get it ready for a decoder.


For a decoder I’m going with a Digitrax DH165K1A for a couple reasonse. First I got a spectacular deal on it, with shipping I paid only about $16. Second it’s sound upgradeable and I definitely want to make this a sound locomotive and I’ve read that the P2K SD60 can fit a speaker from a Digitrax SFX004 in the cab without modification. If that doesn’t work I’ll just have to find someone to mill the frame for me. Finally I chose this decoder because it is designed to be a replacement decoder for Kato and Atlas locomotives with ditch lights

Ditch Lights

As you can see the DH165K1A has LEDs already attached to it which is nice for me not having to deal with soldering. You may also notice it has two extra LEDs on the front which which are used for ditch lights. In the models it is designed for basically fiber optics bring the lights from the decoder to the proper location. I’m thinking of basically doing the same thing. If it ends up working I’ll try to add a couple more lights for rear ditch lights as well. If all goes well the DH165K1A will become my standard decoder for future projects.

I know one of the local hobby shops sells some fiber optics stuff but I still need to find some ditch lights. The P2K SD60 has non-working front ditch lights but it was sold as missing one. The remaining one fell off in transit so I need to replace them anyway.

If anyone has any suggestions please leave them in the comments section.


And of course, can’t forget my little helper


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