Great Purchasing Experience (Dallas Model Works)


*This is not a paid advertisement, this is just a description of my own experiences and recommendations based on those experiences. I am not being compensated for this post*

I’ve been wanting to post this for a couple days but haven’t had the time to type it up. On Friday of last week (6/8) I ordered some NJ International crossing gates for my CR23 module (they look beautiful by the way).

There were two things that stuck out about this transaction for me, first was the incredible price. Dallas Model Works has great deals for members (membership is free) so I ended up getting them shipped for about 15-20 less than the exact same item from Walthers*.

The second thing that really stuck out was the speed with which the order was filled. Remember I orderd on a Friday (7/8), it was in my mailbox on Monday (7/11)! That’s some pretty fast processing especially since that was just regular USPS mail service.

So my recommendation is check out Dallas Model Works, maybe you’ll be able to make your modeling dollars go further like I did!

*Note: I have no problems with Walthers, have had great service from them just using it as a price point example

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