DM&IR Resource


I’ve used the Missabe Railroad Historical Society website before for prototype information but I found a new gem on their website while researching the Missabe’s RDC (more on that in a bit). The MRHS store has a number of items in their online store what was useful to me was the decals for HO models. All of the listings have a description of what they went on and some era information and most of them have prototype photos and it’s given me some ideas on what to do with some for future rolling stock projects.

Back to the RDC for a moment, I’m in the process of trading some of my non-DM&IR equipment for a Budd RDC. I was looking for information on one RDC owned by the Missabe and stumbled upon some decals (as delivered and later equipped end stripes and heralds). The RDC is nickel-plated brass so all I really need to do is clear off any existing decals and get some of these from the MRHS to put on it (well aside from finding a box and shipping out the items I’m trading). I’m actually a bit excited, though this means I’m going to have to come up with a module that has some sort of passenger station on it.

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