County Road 23 Module Update


I managed to get some time to in the garage to work on my free-mo module, I’m nearly finished with the legs and managed to get it rewired (the wiring I had was too small gauge for the standard).

For legs I went with an L shaped leg made from 3/4″ birch. For mounting I cut a the rough shape of the legs out of some scrap two by four and used a T-nut and bolt to tighten the legs:

I kind of did some playing around with this and modified it as I went (which is why the brackets pictured are different and there are extra holes).

The wiring is pretty simple, the track power (red and black) runs down the center and off to the side is accessory power. For wiring I just need to find the correct cinch plugs (track) and two pin trailer plugs (accessory). I also need to pick up some wiring for the Loconet but fortunately I spotted what I need at the local Ace Hardware (too bad they don’t have tw0-pin trailer and cinch jones plugs).

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