Afternoon fun at Minnehaha


This Saturday started out as just about any other contemplating what we were going to do for the day…

Actually… he’s probably just thinking “mmm… donut…”

We eventually decided to go to Minnehaha park which really isn’t that far from us and is the home to a Milwakee Road station. Of course it closes after labor day but we could still enjoy the outside!

They have a section of track running along it that doesn’t go anywhere, once we convinced my oldest (Luke) he ventured out to take a look at the rails. He still wasn’t to sure that no trains were coming but he did noticed the rails were rather rusty… Still he thought he’d better go check to make sure a train wasn’t coming

Meanwhile Jacob, my youngest son, was kind of wondering what exactly he was up to…

After reaching the end of the line Luke’s concern became about how a train was supposed to make it into the station with the rest of the track missing. Maybe he wasn’t paying close attention when we assured him no trains were coming anymore.

Since the tracks were a dead end, both literally and in interest level it was time to investigate the station.

He never did tell me if he saw anything interesting in the mail slot, I’m guessing no.

After a stop at the restrooms we made our way down to the falls, on the way down we stopped for a picture of the boys together

And of course, can’t forget an obligitory picture of the falls:

All pictures taken by my wonderful wife Stephanie.


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