Another Operating Session


I just got back from my second operating session (youngest kid won’t sleep so rather than sleeping I’m blogging) and had a good time. Went in with two speed matched locomotives and came out with a list of repairs 🙂

It was pretty cool running my some of my Missabe equipment on a partially scenic’d layout, I ran my ore cars with the 210 and 413 consisted up. I even pulled a 43 car coal train but that’s where my problems started. First one of the ore cars towards the middle pulled apart (it started as 44 but had some problems with the coupler, bolster, and trucks coming off) coming out of staging. Then I had power problems coming up the grade as the 210 was on the point pulling away and 413 just behind it was struggling a bit to pull the load. I ended up switching them around so the 210 got the brunt of the train weight and only had to push the 413 a little.

At some point I started having power pickup problems, both locos are having trouble picking up power on one truck each so I’ll have to do some troubleshooting before the next session. I’ll also have to make sure I get EMDX 9003 running and matched up with 210 as that combination might pull the ore train a little better. (I’ve seen it pull both 210 and 413 at the same time with their wheels locked up).

This is the first time I’ve run my speed table over on a large layout and I do like how the top speed (approx 46mph) looks running down the track, it’s not too fast but still fast enough it doesn’t feel like it’s crawling (though when going through the yard I had very fine control over the speed and you could really get the feel of yard speed.. The problem I was having is in 128 step mode it was just so slow to build or reduce speed since the programmed CVs are so close in speed between steps. I think I can add velocity to the throttle config to fix that problem though.


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