New Projects


I recently had an order from Walthers arrive (odd side bar, they ship FedEx now but FedEx just takes it from Walthers and delivers it to the Post Office for them to do final delivery…. oddd) that had some new projects for me to keep me busy for a while. First off I got a Fairmont RTW200 Series B Tie Handler kit from Custom Finishing. This is what it’s supposed to look like finished:

This is what it looks like now:

And this is what the instructions look like (two pages each much bigger than legal):

It’s gonna be a while!

My next project is much simpler (in fact I’ve already finished it). Bowser makes a 70-ton hopper in DM&IR letters that I’ve actually been looking for a while now but the cost of Walthers shipping for just this item made it a bit prohibitive so I took the opportunity to pick one up in a larger order.

A couple months a go I picked up a three kit set of very similar Kato hoppers in GN paint since my next module project is going to be a cement plant and I’d say the one Bowser kit took close to the same amount of time it took to build three Kato kits.

Here is a shot of it next to one of the Kato cars and my car shops flat car project:

My only peeve so far is the trucks and wheels are pretty cheap, the trucks can probably be weathered to look better but the wheels are plastic and will need to go. I believe the numbering is actually incorrect based on the Missabe Railroad Historical Societies modeling page but they sell correct details so it’s something I will be able to fix when I have time.

I also got some supplies for my Free-mo module but I’ll save that for a seperate post.


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