Printing Models!


Something I’ve wanted to try for a while (since I listed to Model Railcast #151) is building a card stock kit. In theory it always seemed like something I could probably handle. I finally decided to set some time aside tonight to try tonight and ended up going with a control shed by Clever Models.

I’d say the top three features of card stock models is (in no particular order) price, instant delivery, and the ability to print new parts if you make a mistake. First off I had to wait for my new kit to be delivered:

Even with the little fingers grabbing for it the USPS can’t beat that delivery time!

I would have preferred to work with a smaller knife but all I had handy was a utility knife and brand new blade. I’ll be picking up an X-Acto knife in the future to make it easier to work with the more fine details.

Since I didn’t have a fine blade to work with and this was my first model I decided to forego the super-fine details. As soon as I have an X-Acto I’ll definitely be using them as it should really make it pop!

It was surprisingly easy to go from a flat piece of paper to the main structure, all it takes is some careful scoring to make folding easier and a tiny dab of glue. I will need to come back later and put some color in the edges created. I have gotten a few suggestions that I’ll be mulling over and finishing another time.

As I’ve already mentioned I need to work on the bright edges but most importantly I’ve proved I can build a card stock model and I had a lot of fun doing it (this is a hobby after all, it should be fun!)

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