Netduino… totally going on my wishlist!

Electronics, Trains

I was reading through the Dawson Station blog (which is an amazing layout btw), and stumbled upon his use of Ardruino electronics for control which really intrigued me. Some searching around brought me to Netduino which is basically the same thing, but based on the .NET Micro Framework. Since I am a .NET Software Engineer this really intrigued me.

For a while I’ve really been interested in animating things on my layout such as crossing gates that actually open and close and dynamic lighting in buildings (stuff like rooms having lights turn off and on at random) or even hooking working in a fast clock and having lighting come on at “Night”. but the problem has been bridging the hardware and software gap. With Netduino being programmed in a language I use daily at work would really make it easy and fun.

That said with my limited train budget tied up for the time being I am open to accepting donations 🙂

Netduino wish list:

  1. Netduino board:,
  2. MakerShield kit:
  3. Breadboard supplies: (Breadboard), (Jumper wires), and (Minitronics survival kit)

Note: Shields are a term for Arduino/Netduino add on boards.

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