Weekend Projects


I started the weekend by putting longer couplers on DM&IR 216 which will hopefully alleviate problems with it derailing on tighter curves when in a consist. I ended up having to use the long shank kadee couplers which are longer than I’d like them to be but hopefully will resolve the problem.

Then I got to looking at my ore cars while I had them out and really wasn’t happy with the couplers on them. The pivet point is way to far out which makes it look like it’s got very long coupler shanks even if y ou are using the very short coupler shanks. I’ve started grinding down the existing coupler boxes since they are cast  into the frame (not a fun task) and replacing it with a shortened kadee box. Part of the problem is that the cars are so short that the wheel bolsters are too close to the end which doesn’t leave room much room for coupler boxes.

As you can see in this picture the modified version (right) is much closer to the car. With the wheel bolsters as close to the edge as they are this is really as close as I’ll be able to get without ultra short shanked couplers

I’ve also been working on weathering the trucks and wheels on my cement hoppers, while the flash kind of make it look a little off they do look great in person.


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