Started Module 2!


My family  and I visited my parents this weekend to celebrate my oldest son’s coming birthday (Wednesday the 21st  he’ll be 6). When we got back this afternoon I needed to change the oil in my wife’s car but having just driven 2 hours I needed to let the oil cool down a bit so I started the woodwork on my second module.

Click for larger image

This module started as a no-name cement industry (I’ll be starting with the Walthers Medusa Cement kit), I’ve tentatively named it Murphy’s Cement Company as pictured. This industry will have its own switching lead for two reasons,, one it’ll give a little fiddle operations if there is a lot of mainline traffic, and two  uses a double slip switch I had lying around. All in all I ended up having to buy only one turnout as I had the rest left over from a previous project.

The second industry is Newman and Sons Tool and Manufacturing and is entirely free-lanced. I’m starting with a partial structure flat I started on a previous switching layout (obviously I will be finishing it at some point so it’s not a background flat). Finally I have an un-named as of yet propane distributer. I’m foreseeing full LPG tanks coming in and being unloaded into large tanks and then taken on to specific customers by truck. I’m looking for naming ideas, if you have any suggestions let me know.

Anyway, on to the status update. This time around I decided to change my strategy on legs, on CR23 I used an L-shaped leg when an adjuster block but for a number of reasons I’m not too happy with how they turned out. This time I picked up some 2″ x 2″ lumber and cut it to length. Then I used some T-nuts and elevator bolts I picked up at Menards (that’s what they were called at Menards). I got 8 legs cut, as it will be two 4 foot sections, and sanded. They were four short on the elevator bolts so only four legs are truly done.

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