Murphies Cement Update


I got out to the garage to continue working on my new module, Murphies Cement (I’ve decided on the name), and made some good progress. Last time I mentioned I’d finished the legs. Tonight I got the last of the cutting done with the exception of leg holders and mounting locations for UP5s. The leg holders are on the list for next time but I’m going to hold off on the UP5s for a while since they can easily be added later.

Aside from cutting leg holders I need to get my Kreg jig and start building the box and attaching the top. Since I’m building this as a two-part module I’m also going to add some alignment guides. Thanks to some advice from my friend Ted I went with 1/2″ copper pipe going through copper pipe joiners embedded in each section (that will probably make much more sense with pictures). I’m also going to try using T-Nuts, boldt and washers as a replacement for clamps between the sub sections. The copper pipe will get it lined up and then using bolts to pull it tight, if it works it’ll be cheaper than buying another set of quick clamps.

After all that it’ll be time for roadbed (still have to get), track (on order), and tortoise switch machines (on order). It’s my first time using under table switch machines, and first time with tortoise’s (torti?) so I’m sure I’ll have questions on working with those. Once things start coming together I’ll post some pictures, now it’s just a stack of cut wood 🙂


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