Murphy’s Cement Co: Roadbed mostly down


I have had time to do some train related things but haven’t been very good at blogging. Since my last update I’ve started laying roadbed, cutting track, strengthening turnouts and modifying the industry plan.

First off I removed the LPG industry as there really isn’t room, I’ll save that for a later module. Once I got the roadbed down and was able to set some 50 and 60 foot box cars down where that siding will be it felt far too cramped for two industries. Instead I’m going to center Newman and Sons and expand that industry a little bit, perhaps with more outbuilding features.

Next up I started putting roadbed down, evidently there is a shortage of the cork roadbed going around but I think I have enough to get track down. I staged this picture of a small train that be the rails and industry itself to Murphy’s Cement Co.

I ordered some PC board ties from Fast Tracks (website, product page) primarily to repair some turnouts I was re-using for this project since the ends had some broken end ties. Now they are rock solid. I also used some of these ties to strengthen some of the track leading up to joiner tracks which I also was able to cut with the left over flex I had on hand.

For this turnout I just neeeded to replace the end ties as the plastic clips had broken and it needed some support staying in gauge.

This one was a little more work and needed to be extended about 7/8″ so I made sure it was bullet proof.

I’m at a stand still until my backordered track comes in. I’ve got some flex, a turnout, tortoise’s, and the kit I’ll use to build the cement industry all on order (unfortunately some of it ended up backordered so I’m stuck waiting). In the mean time I’m finally going to try and tackle CR23’s scenery.

Finally I need more moder boxcars to serve Newman and Sons’ and when I found a good deal on an Athearn Wisconson Central box car I just had to. After all the Missabe is now a part of the Wisconson Centeral (which is itself a subsidiary of the CN).


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