Labor Day Update


While most of my long holiday weekend was eaten up by the plague (one wicked cold) affecting the whole family and the dreaded holiday edition honey-do list (the weekend is longer so more things right?) I did manage to get some work real (train) work done.

One of the tasks I hadn’t been too excited about, wiring the double slip switch for Murphy’s cement, is done. It takes at least 8 feeders to keep the whole thing live with several tight location solders that are never fun and delicate with plastic ties. The double slip and switcher lead feeders are attached to the beginnings of the track bus so you can operate a locomotive across all ends of the double slip.

Quite a while ago I had been working on the logo for Murphy’s Cement and after showing some of the previous versions to the man behind the name he said Irish it up a little bit so I added the O, green, and some four leaf clovers. See how that works for him 🙂

I also have been able to do a little bit of work on CR23 as well, I’ve tenatively got it scheduled for an early December show and have been prepping it for some basic scenery. I’ve got about half the track and ties painted (using the marker pens) and I plan to sand down the road I poured earlier to get it a ready for paint.


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