100th Post Extravaganza


To celebrate my 100th post on this blog I decided to finish running feeders on Murphy’s Cement. Actually no, I finished running feeders and then realized I this was my 100th post.

This afternoon I took to the task of finishing running feeders, it was getting a bit annoying running trains for the kids and having them stall at odd points so now each section of track has at least one feeder which removes the problems with imperfect rail joiners. I was going to stop there but figured since all that was really left for feeders was powering the frogs I just decided to wire those up as well so now the feeders are all complete. Or at least they are pending some heavy testing.

Assuming there aren’t any other feeders needed all that’s left for wiring is the jones plugs, loconet and UP5s, another stationary decoder for the last tortoise, accessory bus, and mounting some buttons to throw the switches. When I’m operating by myself I’ll probably use my throttle to throw the switches but at group events the buttons will be handy.

Since my operational motive power were all stored at a friends for safety sake during the move I’ve been borrowing my son’s SW1500 for most of my testing (it needs a tune up but it’s been nice having a loco with poor pickup for testing wiring 🙂 ). It got me thinking I needed to start working on my own switcher. It was originally marked as a SW1500 but is a pretty good ringer for DM&IR 11 (which is a NW2 rebuilt to SW1200 spec: http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=84603&nseq=0). Basically I need to overhaul the motor and gearing and then paint.


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