Pulpwood Milestone


I reached a milestone this weekend with my pulpwood flat car conversion, construction is finished… at least for the first one. The only thing that wasn’t built is some extra grab irons up the bulkheads. I decided to forgo those for two reasons, first I didn’t have the brass wire to make them and since this is really the first of potentially more this assembly was more about getting the basics down.


All that’s really left at this point is paint and decals, my lovely wife got me a nice single action airbrush so all I need to do is find the right paint and get some practice in on it (which may have to wait for warmer weather, it’s cold out in the garage!).


The Missabe Railroad Historical Society sells a number of different DM&IR specific decals and provides some guidance as to numbering and details. I’ll be using the Class K5 K6 K7 50′ Flat decals for lettering.

Given how easy this was to build I’ll probably build more, on the next iteration I will probably try some finer materials and add the grab irons as well. Ideally if I had the time I’d learn how to do 3D CAD and make them 3D printable, but that might be a bigger project.

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