Saturday Morning Railfanning


This morning I went railfanning in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin with my friends Ted and Troy, I’ve uploaded a few of the highlights in a small slideshow. There are quite a few more but I haven’t had the time to go through them all yet

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Railfanning

  1. Looks like you got on both sides of the river down by Red Wing (since there were depot shots as well as BNSF main shots)? Great pics! Was the switcher at the ADM mill actively working? (There is the pic of its light on).

    Have you ever headed up to CP’s St. Paul Yard/Dayton’s Bluff? Probably best place to see everything intersect, as UP/CP/TCW/BNSF and occasionally CN all go in and out through there. The UP South St. Paul terminal is good for checking out power sometimes, and I have always heard that UP Valley Park (in Savage) is good too, but have never been. North side of town can be fun too…lots of places up by BNSF Northtown and CP Shoreham yards to watch…and the food and drink places in Nord’east Mlps cannot be beat! We should plan a father/kid railfanning trip!

  2. Yep, we went up the river on both sides. We crossed into Wisconsin at Redwing and then crossed back into Minnesota at Wabasha. The switcher and track mobile at ADM were running but not moving. In addition to Amtrak arriving there was a CP local that appeared to be switching at ADM so it was probably waiting for that work to finish.

    If memory serves me I’ve been up to both UPs and CP’s St Paul yards, we toured around that area one day but didn’t have cameras along so my memory is a little hazy. I haven’t been up to Northtown.

    If Valley Park is what I think it is I’ve been close but never found a way to get in close. When I was commuting to St Peter I’d always keep sharp eye out on Hwy 13 through Savage

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