Airbrushing Part 1


My lovely wife got me a single action airbrush for Christmas, and with the cold weather I really hadn’t gotten a chance to use it yet (mostly because it was cold and my air compressor is in the garage). This weekend I had some time after I mowed the lawn so I got out the paints I had started collecting and took to learning using an airbrush. The last time I would have used one would have been high school art class which was quite a while ago so I was starting from “newbie”.

My first project was a Walthers 60-ft box car I’ve had a while, it wasn’t something I “needed”  and has been a donor project for previous weathering attempts. Last time I tried using a rust colored paint marker and got decent results, but not great. I picked up some Rust paint and went to town on it. I was basing it on a prototype I’d seen at a scrap yard a couple years ago shortly before it was scrapped.


The real one was pretty rust and so is this one, there are still some angles that need some work (crevices that still have bright silver paint visible). My main observation was the airbrush made a much more realistic rust, it’s not perfect but looks pretty cool in person.

The next project was my pulpwood car I had built a while back, I was trying to match the image (link). When I was at the hobby store the paint I picked out seemed right but looks a little too purple, I’ll have to go back and look for more colors (open to suggestions too)

WP_20130512 1


I also have some white paint that I was intending for the car shops flat project and weathering. Now that I’m a little more comfortable with the airbrush I can start on the DM&IR 11 project as soon as I can find the right paints.

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