Walthers Ore Cars being re-run


I got the monthly Walthers flyer this weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see the Walthers Minnesota style ore-cars are being re-run under the WalthersMainline brand. They have a couple of different road names available but to be honest I’m only interested in the DM&IR ones 🙂 There are two options for the Missabe early and modern with two number sets (Early 1, Early 2, Modern 1, and Modern 2). I have a couple of the earlier runs and really like them, several of them are currently on my work bench being painted.

They are currently available on pre-order, which is one of my peeves of the hobby. I don’t mind feeling out the market or having a reservation system to an extent but I really can’t say I’m a fan of the pay 100% in advance and if we get enough orders we’ll fulfill your order. Especially when the first I’ve heard of them is the July flyer and pre-orders are supposed to be in by July 31st.

Needless to say I will try to get my hands on some but will do so as my budget allows without being financially reckless so no pre-orders for me. It really does make me wonder if there really are enough modelers out there that can plop down several hundred dollars on such short notice, or if it’s all credit cards and debt.


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