Non-train update


One of the significant impediments to my planned shelf layout is the room. When I bought my house there was a space that we designated to become a train room and an extra bedroom. Of course the problem is that it was an empty space, I’ve slowly been putting things together. My dad and I spent a day in the winter building a dividing wall and knee-walls, then over time I’ve put some wiring and networking in.

The area is already insulated with batt in the walls and foam along the concrete brick behind the knee wall. That was probably sufficient but while it was open it seemed like a prudent option to add a little extra insulation so I got some:


My house is too well insulated, said no one ever so I’ve started filling it in:


If my numbers are correct I’ll have enough left over to add a little sound deadening to the spare bedroom which shares a wall with the living room/TV.

So short version, no trains today but a little bit of behind the scenes magic.


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