Model Rail Radio on Windows Phone 8 UPDATE: Here!


Update: The app has been approved for the marketplace and I’ve been testing the released version for a few days on my own device. You can download it from the store here.

One of my side projects lately has been to create an app for the Model Rail Radio podcast on Windows Phone 8. This was spurred by my inability to get the podcast listed in the market place and as such there wasn’t an easy way to get the podcast on my phone without manually syncing via my computer. Already interested in doing a little Windows Phone, I set to the task.

The app is pretty simple, it’s driven by the existing RSS feed and will you allow you to listen to any of the episodes listed in the feed. As of this writing it’s listing all items.


It will also keep track of your which ones you’ve listened to

WP_20130825 3

And finally the episode display has audio controls and the episode description from the feed. This app will be listed for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace as soon as it’s been approved. In the mean time if you are interested in installing a beta version let me know.

If you are interested in contributing or helping out contact me offline for ways you can help at mrr-wp-app at


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