Train Room and Misc. Updates


I’ve made some progress on my train room, I got all my drywall hung in what will become my train room and what will become our homeschooling classroom.

WP_20130923_001 WP_20130922_001

I have most of the supplies I need for mudding and taping which should be a blast, or at least so I’ve been told by the numerous people who have recommended I not ask them for help 🙂

I also had a nice operating session at my friend Mike’s house where I had the pleasure of doing some switching with a Trackmobile brought by Russ. It certainly wasn’t fast or particularly powerful but it was a whole lot of fun!


And finally we were in New Ulm Minnesota today and with some free time we took a peek at some of the rails through town and found a pair of I&M Raillink GP9s (ex Soo line) and my lovely wife snapped this picture:


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