Chainsaw to CR23


Not really, more like jigsaw but I have been strongly considering making some significant changes to the module I currently call CR23. The basis to the change is unhappiness with the scenery and hopefully the changes will make it a little lighter to move around.

For a while I’ve wanted to increase the functionality of the module without overloading it. What I’ve landed on is an idea to add a turnout and a non-industry track.


The curve would primarily be dilapidated branch line track that might store unused cars or maintenance of way equipment. I’m also thinking that would build an optional connector piece for the curve so there would be a mini-mo end on the curve so if desired it could be used as a branching point in a setup. Whether or not it’ll every be used in a setup is another question, I’ve never actually been to a setup where a mini-mo was used, let a lone a six inch wide one but such is life. My idea is that it would be a perfect place to tie in the mini-mo “Raging River” I started quite a while ago but never made any progress on.

In terms of scenery I’d like to take out a lot of weight. Right now the whole top of the module is 3/4″ birch plywood… it’s heavy and overly flat. What I want to try this time is to cut out any of the plywood not holding up track and replace it with cardboard strips and plaster cloth terrain which should be quite a bit lighter and will allow a more natural looking terrain variability. Beyond that the terrain will be fairly simple, just some grass and probably some trees.


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