Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 Apps


By day I’m a developer that specializes in development using Microsoft technologies, in my spare time I’ve done some hobby development for both the Windows Phone platform as well as the Windows Store all of my apps so far have been targeted towards model railroading in part because there isn’t a ton of them available and because they are useful to me.


DccTools is currently a simple app that was primarily a gateway for me into the Windows 8 store but I’ve also created a Windows Phone 8 version. I even had the pleasure of using it myself today to calculate the CVs for the switcher in my previous post. Currently it has calculators for Long Address (CV17 & 18) and CV29. The intention is to add features in an iterative process, if you have any suggestions feel free to suggest them either through the App or as a comment on the blog.

You can find the Windows 8.1 here: and it should be useable on both full windows and RT version of windows. If you have Windows 8 but not 8.1 it’s a free upgrade! If you do use it on an RT device like a Surface RT let me know, I don’t have any devices to test it on

You can also find it for Windows Phone 8 here:

Model Rail Radio

This was my first Windows Phone app, it’s a simple App to stream the Model Rail Radio podcast to your phone. You can find it here:

MRH Podcast

This is basically a rebranding of the core Model Rail Radio app, I’m currently testing leave a comment if you’d like to test it as well!

I’m also open to doing other podcasts such as the Model Railcast as time allows.

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