Bring on the heat!


One of the long running projects in my train room construction is heating and AC, the area was originally build as one big room and only had one register. We split the space into two rooms and what became the train room didn’t have a register. The plan was simple, just pull of the line that went to the room off it, it’s early in the run so there is plenty of pressure. There was just one simple problem, I couldn’t find one that matched the ones already in the basement. Couldn’t find it in any one of the home improvement stores… turns out I was looking in the wrong place and I just needed to a HVAC place.

I needed to use up some PTO today so I took a half day and accomplished this:


Now, the room wasn’t really without heat, it is well insulated and has rooms on two sides that have heat and no ceilings so there is plenty of air transfer. After this I went back to mudding, I had had a couple of strips of tape that didn’t stuck and had bubbled badly. I seem to be getting a little better at it but it’s still grueling work.


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