Trestle me this!


I picked up a project to work on this last week while I was off work, but never actually got around to it until today.




It’s the Blair Line Standard Timber Trestle, it is for the mini module inspired by a picture on, I initially describe it here:

I also managed to pick up a Walthers SW1 that would make an easy repaint into Soo (really ILSX) 320 to accompany the trestle. For now I’m building the parts with the intention of staining the pieces before final assembly. I also need to work on the structural supports for the trestle on the module benchwork.

In the meantime I do leave my readers with a question, the instructions for the kits say they need to be stained but do not give any ideas. What type of stain should I use for a realistic look? If you have any suggestions drop me an email or leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “Trestle me this!

  1. This looks like a REALLY fun little kit – and of course goes perfectly with the mini-module you’re doing/did. I haven’t built a trestle like this before, but I’ve read that it’s best to stain before assembly (since stain won’t take on any adhesive that might ooze out as a result of assembly). As for coloring, I’d just use india ink, but I’ll be interested in searching around your blog for how you ended up doing it.

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