Trestle Me This, Part II


I was able to get a little bit of work on my trestle project, I started by working on staining the timbers. I hadn’t found a stain for it but it occurred to me that the treated timbers are basically the same color as railroad ties. I happened to have a couple of tie colored paint markers so I painted them up.

Then I put the guard timbers on the track, the kit came with a piece of Micro Engineering flex track so this was as simple as cutting the plastic “timbers” to fit and gluing them down. I’m showing it here with my Walthers SW1 that will become ILSX320


Next up I started putting the trestle bents on the stringers, I had trouble with them staying straight so I used a piece of bamboo to stabilize them.


With all the trestle bents in place and the track across it, I won’t fasten the track down until it’s installed so it’s easier to align.


Posed with the SW1



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