Track Maintenance


One of the tougher problems I ran into when pulling my modules out was one of the sub module joints on Murphy’s Cement was not a little messed up.


I’m really not sure how it happened especially with those PC board ties but the track straightened out on that side of the joint. I t looks like it might work but if you try to push a car over it it goes right off the track. The plan is to build a bridge track that is removable and crosses the module joint. Rather than straight joiner rails I plan to use a bunch of PC board ties to create a curved joiner track. To do that I need to cut back the track a little bit.


It looks like a feeder is the least of the problems right now 🙂 I’m waiting for some supplies so that’s as far as I’m getting tonight so there is only one solution here


That’s right, out of service. I have a feeling that boxcar will be there a while. In the meantime I’ve started back up on ballast on the other end of the siding. Naturally I noticed after I put it down that I hadn’t weathered the rail yet. I guess as soon as I get it glued I’ll have to try and weathering it up.



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