Site refresh and Projects


Unless you’ve only been reading this blog only through a feed reader like feedly you’ll have noticed that the theme of the blog has changed. I figured a new year a new look, the more astute reader may have noticed the menu has changed and there is a key new page called Projects.

The projects page itself is going to be a page that lists my current projects with a small description, the intention is that as I progress there will be another child page for each project that will follow the project in a sequential long form. The idea being rather than going backwards through the blog posts (which I will still be writing) you’ll be able to go to the project page and read it sequentially with a little more editorial details than a regular post.

One of my projects for today was to get all my locomotives out and see what state they are in, DMIR 210, EMDX 9003, and BNSF 3820 are all in tip top shape. DMIR 216 is running well but a little bit stiff.

DMIR 413 and 419 were each in a partially disassembled state, it turns out I was installing a sound decoder in 419. I’ve gotten it reassembled and now it just needs the right sounds scheme, address, and speed table. I didn’t get to 413 today but it definitely needs some repair.


2 thoughts on “Site refresh and Projects

  1. Matt, I like the new theme. It took me a while to find a way to move backward or forward in time through the posts, but I can be a bit slow on the uptake before my second cup of coffee.


  2. Thanks! There are definitely some quirks to this theme that I’m learning myself. Then again most of my blog reading is initiated in feedly so I don’t notice the site navigation as much, just that there is a new post and here is a link to it 🙂

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