Quick Crossing Flasher Update

Electronics, Trains

I took a little time this evening to revive a project I’d started quite a while ago but hadn’t gotten much attention for quite a while. Some time ago I decided to create a crossing controller powered by an Arduino. I had gotten as far as a working prototype of the flasher on a breadboard. Tonight I decided to try transferring that two some simple PC board to keep it tidy. I found some small square boards pre-drilled at radio shack that I decided to give a whirl along with some connectors. The idea being that this component could be easily disconnected from the Arduino and lights as needed. Generally I wanted to be able to remove the gates from the module for transportation.

WP_20140130_19_55_12_Pro - Copy

On the bottom are all the inputs as I’ve labeled them, I’ve started putting the components on for light #2. The blue resistors are what came with the lights, the brown one is for the transistor, and the transistor itself controls the lights being on or off.

For L2 I need to connect the input to the resistor where I’ve marked and ground to the transistor where I’ve marked GND. I need to repeat the arrangement for L1 and run a connection to the 5V output.

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