Module joint bridge track


A couple of weeks ago in Track Maintenance I mentioned the need to make a bridge track for one of the butt joints. The problem was a very slight curve that went straight. So my idea was to cut back the track and make a bridge piece that crossed the module joint. After receiving supplies from Fast Tracks I set to work by cutting a piece of rail for the inside piece.


Next up I started layout out where the PC board ties will go. I used some plain wood ties as spacers with a tie width between ties. I’m shooting for two wood ties between PC Board ties with one tie width between ties.


After getting the PCB ties soldered to the inside rail I needed to give it the inside rail a bit of curve.


I used the screw to give it just a little bit of curve, then I used my track gauge to line up the outer rail and start soldering. My piece of rail is longer than I needed so when I got to the last tie to solder I trimmed down the rail.


Finally for an almost finished shot I threw a couple of wood ties in to make it look more done. It looks a bit wonky shaped in the picture but it is smoother in person. I did check it with my track gauge and ran a car over it with good success.


The next problem I have to solve is gluing down the wood ties and ballasting leaving the PCB ties free so it remains removable. In the meantime I have continued working on my circuit for the crossing flasher, not enough to warrant a post today but maybe soon.


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