Trying to get back into the train room…


I’ve not been able to do much in the way of modeling lately for a number of reasons, but I’ve got a few ideas simmering.

I’ve wanted to learn how to hand-lay track for a while, I already had some rail and ties from an earlier project so I picked up some spikes. The intention is to hand lay the track leading up to the bridge on my mini-mo project Raging River ( using the trestle from Trestle Me This

I’ve had an idea for a working defect detector, it’d be more of a dragging equipement/derailment detector. It would basically be a piece of styrene between the rails spring loaded. If it gets pushed down it triggers and alert of some type. I’ve backed this kickstarter: for a tiny Arduino compatible  board. This is possibly what I’ll use it for.

I had previously had a track plan idea for my in progress train room, my better half wasn’t terribly enthused about the size of it and on some reflection I’m not sure I am either. I’m working on a smaller plan that could also be used as a free-mo module (this is for two reasons, if I want to I can use it as one and it makes it easier to expand). I’ll have another post with more on that later.

The OreRail yahoo group had a post on the DMIR 11 project I had been wanting to do for a while, it has served inspiration to get started again once the weather improves and I can get the staining/varnishing of trim wood done and out of the garage.


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