Trestle Supports


Last night I managed to get a bit over overdue work, some trestle supports. When I originally built the framework I had no idea how I was going to build the trestle or how tall it is so I didn’t do anything to support the trestle at all. Ever since I got the trestle built I’ve been meaning to get something built so I finally did it.



It’s probably overkill but better safe than sorry. After getting this done I was looking over my posts related to this project and realized I had started this project in December of 2011! That was when I built the main framing of it. The next update to the project was December 2013. That’s crazy, and not even my longest running project. It was a bit of a wakeup call, that I need to make sure I do something. Otherwise I’m just wasting money on projects I’ll never work on. Fortunately this is a fairly small project that has lent itself to a bit of work at a time when time allows. The next task on this one is to build up the landforms with cardboard and plaster cloth then I’ll get back to spiking.


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