Blog Organization Updates

Electronics, Trains

I’ve been doing some cleanup and updates to the categorization of posts with one important purpose in mind. As part of my playing with electronics I’ve developed as a sometimes intertwined additional hobby. I wanted to start blogging some of my electronic exploits but didn’t want to start a new blog.

On the other hand this blog was originally started as a model railroading blog and I didn’t want to alienate any readers that came here for the trains but don’t care about the electronics. To do this I’m changing how I use the WordPress categories. I’ve retroactively updated previous posts and from now on I’ll be tagging posts with a Train or Electronics (or both) category.

This makes the two new menu links work (Train and Electronics next to Home), they allow you to see only the posts related to that category and gives them separate RSS feed if you use something like Feedly (there is  a link on each page). But really you only have to care about those if you aren’t interested in everything.

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