Module Changes


I’ve been pretty busy outside of the train room lately, and some of those projects are starting to wrap up so I’ve been able to get a little work done. My youngest has been fun helping me work on my trestle project.


His contribution is mostly watching and seeing if Percy will fit (it’s one of the metal take and play Percy toys).


All I’ve done so far is use some plaster cloth to start building the land form, I still need to put down ties and spikes down on the bridge and the right side of the bridge. I also posed a small solder train using my DMIR car shop flat scratch built model (don’t look too close, the switcher doesn’t have couplers).

The bigger news is I’ve decided to redesign and start over on my free-mo modules. The problem is my original plan doesn’t really inspire me anymore and I wasn’t terribly happy with the track work. I also wanted to start a project that I could use to really dive into hand laying track and was less straight.

Free-mo Redo idea

Operationally it’s basically what I have now but more spread out. For bench work I’ll be reusing the three 2’x4′ sections I already have now just in an L configuration. The top left and right are free-mo ends straight through (8 feet long), the curve off goes to the cement plant I had already built. The fancy track on the top left is a 30 degree crossing with a transition leg from the main. The main purpose of this track is more stylistic not functional. My plan is to try and hand lay both the cross over and turnouts, as well as do a little bit more with non-flat scenery.

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