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This summer I backed a kickstarter for a small microprocessor called the Digispark Pro (I believe based on the ATTiny85). You can find the completed kickstarter here, and where you can get it now here. As a reward for my backing I got a Digispark Pro and a couple shields designed to fit on it. One of those is a shield with basically this OLED display (what I got doesn’t appear to have made it to the digistump store yet).

digispark pro

I recall having an idea of what I was going to use it for when I initially backed it but have since forgotten what it was. In the mean time I’ve come up with a couple of railroad related ideas what to do both based on using something like Model Railroading with Arduino which is an Arduino library for connecting to Digitrax Loconet.

The first idea was to use a Bluetooth Low Energy receiver to use it as a bridge for custom wireless throttles either using another microprocessor and BLE radio or with a cellphone app.

The second idea is to use the same library and the OLED display to show data from the loconet bus such as either the fast clock or status information. Since I don’t have any BLE stuff I’ll start with this idea and see how it goes

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