Quick Turnout Update


I haven’t been too busy in the train room because I’m busy with other things, and have had a nasty sinus cold but my birthday present came the other day (it’s not my birthday yet, it just got delivered early) so I took some time this evening to try it out.

I convinced my wife this year to not get me a Christmas gift or a Birthday gift and let me use the amount of money we would have budgeted for a larger train purchase. I ended up getting a Fast Tracks point form tool and frog helper jig. I would have liked to splurge for the a full turnout jig but as it was it was already a bigger hobby purchase for me.


I figured the frog and the point would be the most fiddly bit to get right and these tools would definitely help. I managed to get my first frog whipped out in no time but didn’t have any time to actually fasten it in place


I still need to file a set of points and the divergent stock rail but it’s kind of nice having a feeling of progress!


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