Let there be light!


I haven’t been terribly busy with modeling lately, in part multiple sinus infections and in part basement finishing projects. It started with a ceiling in the homeschooling room (because it’s right below the baby’s room and definitely needed the extra sound insulation). Once that was done I needed to improve the lighting as it was just two bare bulbs, my better half picked out a pair of light fixtures and while I was doing lighting I decided to solve the problem of lighting in the train room.

The only lighting I had was a single 100w bare bulb that had been installed by the builders, it had been installed before the area had been split in two rooms so it ended up being in the corner and as a result not very useful. I wanted plenty of light but wanted low profile fixtures so I went with four 6″ recessed can fixtures and rather than traditional baffles and bulbs I used LED retrofit kits each with light output equivalent of 75W at only 10W usage. By the time I got things wired up it was already dark outside so I was able to get the full effect when I turned them on for the first time.


Pictures of lighting are never terribly good but it drastically transformed the room.

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