PSA: Saw Blades


When I got my Fast Tracks point form tool I got a couple tools to as well including the Zona adjustable jewelers saw. Fast tracks includes a package of replacement blades with it… but this isn’t just a bonus… these are the blades you should use for cutting track. The saw, for me at least, came with a blade pre-installed. I didn’t take a close look at the replacement blades, just put them in the toolbox.


It turns out I should have looked closer. In the above picture one of the “replacement” blades is in the saw but what originally came in it is that huge black line to the left. Only after getting terribly frustrated cutting gaps did I figure it out.

In retrospect the teeth were comically large for cutting rail.

2 thoughts on “PSA: Saw Blades

  1. I have the same saw with some pretty small blades, but the won’t work on rail. I didn’t get the saw blades from Fast Tracks when I bought my switch kit from them. I’ll have to get a package of the blades you got. Wonder what “size” they are (number of teeth per inch).

  2. My package is marked as No. 2/43TPI. The problem I had with the big blade was the teeth were so large that I was always getting caught up on the edge of the rail. With the No. 2 blades it’s almost like a warm knife through butter

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