Some track work and plan thoughts


Over the weekend I was able to get some additional work on the two main switches.


The switch on the right has a tortoise installed (but not wired up). My plan is to start wiring things up so at least I can do some DC testing and then continue on to the left (speaking relative to the picture above) but that got me to thinking.

Free-mo Redo idea

My idea with the top left segment was really more display than functional with the possibility that it could do something like a branch line crossing. The reality, though, is that it almost certainly never would be used which means that building it would just slow things down and over complicate things.

So is it worth it? I’m starting to think¬†probably not but I’m having a hard time just deciding to not do it so my current plan is to just do straight track so all the way across so as I get things on the right side done I can actually start operating things. Then if I decide do it I’ll just cut in both the mainline switch and crossing.

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