Track work continues


I was able to get some work done in the train room today (with my little helper Jacob). The entire 8 feet of Free-mo mainline has ties glued down (4′ was already done which includes the two switches I’ve laid so far). This means with four more feet of rail and the mainline will be done. I also started dropping feeders on the part that has track completed. I’m going with one feeder per piece of rail with the only exception being switches where it’s one feeder per electrical area (if a PC board tie connects two pieces of rail and they are the same polarity it’s just one feeder). I’ve also installed one of the tortoise switch machines. I’ll also be using it to switch the frog polarity

On the section that’s done I did a little test run today with a small SW1 and DC power. Things ran pretty well except a couple of spots (dirty track and unpowered frogs) but good for a first run. I also realized I’m running pretty low on rail and ties so I’ll have to stock up soon. I’ll definitely be able to finish the mainline though.

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