Train Night


My friend Troy hosted a train night last night and a large part of it was a demonstration night, I demonstrated building a switch with the fast tracks jig (more on that in a bit). Bruce built a curved turnout without a jig (old-fashioned way), and Mike demonstrated his technique for ballasting. I offered up my river module as a demonstration piece of track which means it’s basically finished in terms of what I intended to do.


The problem of course with it being finished is that means there is nothing left to do and I’m thinking about what additional details I could add but nothing considerable as I need to focus on getting my free-mo module done since I’m already scheming the next project. I have some HO scale cows that just might find themselves some grazing land in the meantime.

Bruce’s demonstration of building a switch was particularly interesting to me in how simple it really is to layout a switch in place and I’ll definitely be trying it myself when I get a chance. He also had some good tips that I’ll try on my next switch.

For my demonstration I made sure I had everything ready, all the parts ready for assembly and to save time a half assembled switch along with a toolbox full of tools to demonstrate each step and to finish the switch. Unfortunately I forgot the box of parts at home and fortunately Troy had some extra rail handy and I could finish it.

2 thoughts on “Train Night

  1. I say Tim’s home layout before he moved to Port Dover. He had some of the greatest hand laid track I had ever seen. As the creator of the Fast Tracks system I remember him having jigs everywhere in the workshop. It was one of the greatest home tours I had ever seen. I should have some photos of it. I’m going to go and take a look.

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