A Birthday Present/Something Different


I have a good friend who had a birthday this week and I wanted to do something a bit fun. The back story is I own a truck and I’ve helped him move large objects, particularly landscaping dirt and rock. So I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to get him his own truck for his birthday?


With those wheels and suspension lift it might be a little difficult to shovel dirt in and out but it is guaranteed for life! But naturally as a modeller I couldn’t just leave it as is. Now I’m not talking about weathering, I mean with a paint job that loud you are pretty much required to keep it clean. But how about a load of dirt.


This is something in my box of scenic “stuffs” that’s no longer in its original container and I’m not entirely sure what I got it for. I believe it to be woodland scenics ho scale coal which in a pinch and a little scenic cement will substitute nicely for 1:64 dirt. Had I planned this out a little further in advance I probably could have found some S-Scale shovels too.


Happy Birthday Kevin and enjoy the new truck 🙂

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