Weekend Update!

Trains, Weekend Update

As I was trying to figure out what to title this I thought it’d be neat to try and do a regular weekend update post that either covers anything I’ve done over the weekend or recap anything in the week that I never blogged about. Of course by suggesting this will be a regular thing I’ve doomed myself to forgetting about but here is to trying.

Earlier this week I mentioned running out of rail with just 27″ to go, a trip to Scale Model Supplies and $4 and I was back on track (pun intended). Just as I was finishing up the siding my mind wandered to something another modeler told me a while back, and that was putting styrene in they electrical gaps to prevent an expansion short. Which was fortunate I thought of it because I realized I hadn’t gapped the turnout for that siding. After carefully extricating the turnout, and breaking a jewelers saw blade, and the turnout itself I got it all fixed and reinstalled.

Next up is wiring and turnout control, the two mainline are going to be tortoise controlled and the industry turnout will be caboose industries ground through with a frog juicer. I want to get it wired up and do some track testing to make sure everything is running smoothly. Then I’m going to work on separating the modules so I can take it out to the garage to paint the ties and rail as well as cutting out the land form areas of the bench work (so it’s a little lighter and a lot less flat).

I’ve also got some weathering powders on the way and I’m going to try some of the weathering techniques in Done in a Day by Pelle Soeborg when those arrive.


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