Starting feeders


Since I finished track laying over the weekend I took some free time this evening to start drilling holes for feeders. Since my train room is directly below the kid’s bedrooms and I have yet to finish the ceiling I don’t have a lot of sound barrier and I couldn’t do this after bed time. My plan is to get a number of noisy task out of the way so I can take an evening after the kids have gone to bed to silently soldering away.

Another upcoming project is modifying a Caboose Industries ground throw, quite a while back I found a tutorial on how to modify it to look like a more modern handle and I liked it enough that I saved it and it’s fortunate that I actually downloaded the text and images because the original source is no longer online. Since I don’t know who posted them and can’t get permission to reproduce them or even properly attribute them I’m going to recreate it as a project on my modules.


2 thoughts on “Starting feeders

    1. Thanks for following along! It’s interesting because I really didn’t feel like I was making terribly good progress until all of a sudden track was done.

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