Weekend Update 2

Trains, Weekend Update


I’m starting off this weekend update with a picture my five year old son, Jacob, colored for the train room. He really likes drawing tracks, for him any parallel lines are train tracks.

I haven’t made terribly good progress on bus wiring but it is coming along. My JMR-Pi project has made a little progress too, even though as of last writing I was about to give up on it. I managed to figure out a couple of problems and now have DecoderPro opening on it now I just have to solve for getting it to talk to my PR3 which I suppose is appropriate as that’s the common problem I have on Windows with my PR3.

Today I was able to do a test run on the main and through the small siding off the main. The switch to the siding worked pretty well, even with an unpowered frog my SD38-2 worked pretty well. My original plan was to power the mainline frogs of the built in switches in the tortoises and I’m starting to think I won’t do this and instead eventually upgrade them to frog juicers if for nothing else but simplified wiring.

The other switch needs a little work, when thrown the point doesn’t press tightly against the stock rail resulting in a derailment every time. This should be an easy fix but potentially another problem is the point of the frog is raised a little and creating a bit of a bump.

Given the drastic increase from zero trains ever to more than zero I figured I better do something about controlling these mainline turnouts as finding a 9V battery to hold up to exposed wires underneath until the points are facing the right direction so I dug out my DS64 which was recycled from the previous incarnation of my free-mo modules. It will be responsible for taking push button inputs and driving the Tortoises

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